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Why should you consider using our product and service?

Double Pine Software version MAC (Management Accounting Costing) has been developed by the team of founders and expert in accounting.  There have been 5 versions in the past 20 years.


The program was designed from the actual need to make use of the accounting data both in managerial level as well as to accommodate user friendliness.  It was aimed to reduce time consumed in doing tedious work with the concept of “One for many”.  With simply one task of input will result in many report systems.  It works real time therefore, no unnecessary procedures are required before getting all the important and useful reports.


The program is bi-language system. Every menu, report and display can be easily switched between Thai and English.  It is indeed a very wise investment tool for back office work. While the program allows unlimited number of company databases, concurrent system allows users to simultaneously use the program in all modules. Furthermore, consolidate module on group of companies can be easily set and analyzed. Remote terminal system can also be set to work between many branches using one main server. It is even more convenience with the “codes copying between companies” and “export-transfer voucher between companies” features saving time and eliminating human error.


Special Features of the program that professionally handle complicated task are such as:

  • Financial BOI, non-BOI reports;
  • Analyzing job cost by production, import expenses, sales promotion projects, comparing  budgeted and actual run figures;
  • Analyzing income and expenses separated by department and project;
  • Monthly forecast reports in Business Intelligent program;
  • No other software can ever have so many options in one report which make the report so efficient and easy to use (please see the samples);
  • Double Pine Software hides all customized work in the main program, therefore no customer is left out with their customized work,  all customers can upgrade to a higher version at any time;
  • Inventory reports integrates costing (made to stock and made to order), purchasing system (also analyze reliability of vendors and price history), stock ageing, stock card to government standard and many levels of store personnel;
  • Standard cost system to compare with actual cost in order to present the variance;
  • Efficient and powerful with 8 levels of BOM and budgeting of stock per job production;
  • Providing action plan on goods delivery and goods received to serve just-in-time system production plan;
  • Sales analysis report provides many viewpoints of information, conditions on data sorting and filtering (such as top ten on sales by customer, product, group of product, salesman and location) with period comparison.


Flexible Work:

  • Unlimited self design print-out reports;
  • Many kinds of coding can be applied to various types of businesses; all kinds of codes may be selected to filter report options.


Lean Management with One-For-Many tasks concept:

  • Import and export codes and data with other software you may use apart from Double Pine Software. With readymade set up menu, allows user to improve their performance between software;
  • Provides various kinds of print-out forms especially for export business such as Performa invoice, packing list with large amount of details;
  • Auto transfer PR voucher to PO, after intelligently approval loop on purchase requisition; save much time on double procedure input.


Smart, Self-Detect Systems:

  • Customer credit allowance limitation with auto check up and systematic approval;
  • Flexible and unlimited password allocation system allows users to create their own patterns of work before assigning them to other staffs with cascading authority and responsibility;
  • Locking system to restrict changing or adding vouchers during a certain period that already passed, which also can be separately defined for each type of vouchers and can be daily unlocked if necessary;
  • Mapping system to identify connectivity of transactions displaying up-down steps of work.


Renowned Professionals and Services:

  • Double Pine Software has been in business for two decades and many thousands of companies are enjoying using our products and services;
  • Widely known as the only true professional and in-depth analysis masterpiece;
  • User supports are highly knowledgeable and is the first software in Thailand to perform Implementation Service;
  • Consultation services offer customers' realization, growth and efficiency;
  • Double Pine Suite covering E-Management called MacServe, facilitating E-Office, Sales and Marketing Management, Strategic and Action Plan Management.

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