Torch Cleaning Station
ABICOR BINZEL torch cleaning stations ? the complete solution for reliable automatic servicing of torch heads. Quick and easy to install, just ?Connect & Clean ...?, the compact torch cleaning stations BRS stand for top reliability. Combined in a single station, no less than three systems guarantee optimally timed processes and an increase in plant availability. Many further features such as mounting stand and drip pan reduce installation costs.
Last Update : 16:43:46 12/04/2017
CNC Water Jet Center
Brand : FE-MOVAC
Model : i-movac series
7000psi(50MPa) CNC Water Jet Center For Precision Washing, Deburring, Desanding
Last Update : 15:52:43 01/12/2016
Pressure Washer
Model : MKW1413MD-THI
Maruyama?s first class pressure washers come from a history of experience in pump technology. Incorporating our own engine technology with our expertise in pumps, our machines are on top their game. Great for industrial or commercial cleaning use, Maruyama also supplies an extensive arsenal of nozzles and attachments
Last Update : 15:26:37 12/02/2016
Brand : Sankyo
Model : HW-TRC / HW-TRC-S
เครื่องดูดฝุ่นและเส้นผม(HW-TRC / HW-TRC-S)
Last Update : 15:32:42 28/01/2016
High-speed Packing Robot
Model : MPP3
Last Update : 11:17:32 03/12/2015
Last Update : 16:12:34 01/12/2016
High Pressure Washer
Last Update : 16:05:37 27/09/2016

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Product Information :

Product Name:  
CNC Water Jet Center
Product Category:   เครื่องจักร, อุปกรณ์เกี่ยวกับเครื่องจักร, เครื่องมือกล
Product Sub-Category:   เครื่องจักรงานโลหะ,งานเครื่องมือกล
Brand:   FE-MOVAC 
Product Type :   เครื่องมือ, เครื่องจักรและอุปกรณ์ 
Short Description :   7000psi(50MPa) CNC Water Jet Center For Precision Washing, Deburring, Desanding
  • The first machine of tool change mode 500bar Water Jet center in the world, which can simply remove the chip/burr after processing,is the essential device to improve the cleaning precision and quality of important part.
  • High-speed washing
    Nozzle traverse moving speed 48m/min
  • Sufficient washing space Washing space( X=700?Y=500?Z=500)
  • The first machine of 500bar Automatic tool changer 
  • Can automatically choose the fittset nozzle, and accomplish the precision cleaning of complex components.
  • Adopt numerical control system of machining center,operate easily.
  • CNC5 axis standard application                                                            Operating system can control 5 axis, movements, and parts with complicated shape, such as hydraulic valve part, etc. can be corresponding. Quickly and correctly achieve washing and removing burrs.
  • Tool selection example
  • MOVAC-JET device appearance

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